Based on the above we acknowledge that:

  1. Our mission is to fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers and employees offering them an entertainment service that is high-quality and safe for both persons and the environment.
  2. The work towards this goal requires the continuous improvement of the responsible entertainment services that we offer our guests and customers.
  3. It is within this context that preventive actions in every aspect of safety are significant in the company’s strategy. Incidents not only affect the Health and Safety of our employees, and consequently their well-being, but also increase costs unnecessarily, reduce service quality and produce material damage to the premises and its equipment.
  4. The sustainability of our business is based on our company’s philosophy which caters for all the parties involved: our employees, our customers, good leadership based on an ethical behavior of our management, our shareholders, our leadership in the entertainment business, and our contribution to the development of the community in the city of Maldonado.
  5. This policy has been developed to guide our actions when working towards the Health and Safety of our employees, of every person taking part or involved in our activities as well of the community where our Resort is located.

For this reason all staff, regardless of their position or activity, are required to adhere, collaborate and get proactively involved in the steps taken to reach and keep excellent health and safety conditions at the Resort.