The most beautiful seaside resort in the continent is located where La Plata River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its main street, called Gorlero, gathers shops of all kinds, art galleries, a crafts market, a casino and varied eateries.

Ring Road Promenade

This pedestrian street runs along a portion of Mansa and Brava beaches.

  • Stop 1 (Parada 1): City Development Association and GIAM (selling crafts made in the Department of Maldonado).
  • Restaurant district: on the promenade and near the marina there are multiple options where to eat open all day; at night it turns into the meeting point for the young.
  • Our Lady of Candelaria Marina: to go sightseeing and do sports.
  • Gorriti Island: just 2 kilometers off the bay coast. You can visit every day. On the island there is a restaurant open during the summer and fire pits available for free. You can find maritime pine tree woods and paths leading to the different beaches and you can still see ruins of the Spanish fortifications.
  • Great Britain Small Square: located in the so called Punta de la Salina (Saline Lake Point) where you can find the anchor that belonged to HMS Ajax, the ship that took part in the historic battle of La Plata River in 1939. It marks the point where La Plata River and the Atlantic Ocean meet.
  • Sea Lions Island: located 8 kilometers off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Its 41 hectares of rocky surface host more than 200,000 sea lions. The lighthouse on the island was built in 1906, it is 59 meters above sea level and its light can be seen from a distance of 22.5 nautical miles.
  • Image of the Virgin of Candelaria: the city’s patron
  • Walk of the Americas: Stop 1 on Brava Beach. Works by Latin American sculptors (Water Fountain by Gyula Kosice; One Red and Five Black Columns by Enio Iomo; Seagull Wing by Hernán Jugiari; The Fingers by Mario Irarrázabal; Metal Painted Red by Edgard Negret; Letter “U” by Francisco Matos; The Void by Waltercio Caldas Jr. – Brazilian)

Lighthouse Area

10th Street, Lighthouse Square. This is the most historical area of the seaside resort, where you can find the first summer houses with an architectural style dating from the beginning of last century.

  • Punta del Este Lighthouse: 45 meters high; operating since 1860.
  • Weather Station.
  • Our Lady of Candelaria Parish.

Residential Areas

A few neighborhoods that stand out can be found along the coast on Brava Beach: San Rafael, the Golf Course Park, Beverly Hills and Rincón del Indio (Native Uruguayan’s Corner). A characteristic of this area are its green spaces and constructions with large gardens such as hotels, golf courses, restaurants and the Rally Foundation Museum (Curupay St. on the corner with Los Arrayanes, Beverly Hills neighborhood).

Activities and places to Enjoy Punta del Este

This is a different way to go sightseeing and appreciate up close what nature and man have to offer while you are given cultural information during the tour. You can visit the most important places in Punta del Este with a guide and with no extreme physical demand.

Stops are planned at the most emblematic spots in Punta: The Fingers sculpture, Brava Beach, the Sunken Ship, El Emir Beach, Punta Vapor (Vapor Point), Englishmen’s Beach, Punta Salina (Salt Lake Point), Great Britain Square (Graf Spee Battle), Punta del Este Lighthouse and Weather Station, Wind Rose, ‘La Candelaria’ Parish, Punta del Este Marina (sea lions), Mansa Beach, La Pastora (The Shepherdess’) Walk, Enjoy Hotel, etc.

Time is allowed at each stop for you to hydrate, gaze and enjoy.

Duration: 1:30-2 hours

Tour along a broad sidewalk

Physical demand: low

Included: Spanish or English speaking tour guide, 21 –gear aluminum bicycles, helmets with UV protection and reflective vests.

Bookings available from Friday to Monday.

Note: Please ask the Concierge to book your tour.

The Sea lions’ Island is located 8 nautical miles off the coasts of Punta del Este, just a 45-minute sail away. It is one of the tours you cannot miss at the seaside resort, both for its historical attractions and for its ecological wonders.

The island owes its name to its great colony of sea lions which is highly attractive to those who love ecotourism. Pods of sea lions gather on its 41 hectares. The island is 980 meters long and its coasts are covered in rocks, mostly pink granite patched with scarce vegetation, alternating with fine sand. The lighthouse, built in 1907, is South America’s most powerful.

There are two species of southern sea lions residing on the island called “wig” and “two hairs”. Occasionally, southern elephant seals can be seen joining the sea lions as well as birds flying near the surface.

Visiting days and times: 12:00 am, daily (subject to weather conditions)

Duration: 2 hours

Important information: It is allowed to swim near the boat but not to get off on the island.

Note: Please ask the Concierge to book your tour.

There is no fixed time for this tour that is available for groups of 8 minimum. The boat leaves Punta del Este marina, sails along the coast of Mansa Beach past Enjoy hotel, continues up to Stop 16 and then sails round Gorriti Island to then go back to the marina.

Duration: 1 hour

Note: Please ask the Concierge to book your tour.

This is the best way to get to know the most important seaside resort in our country. The tour will show you all the sightseeing spots: the Yacht Marina, Our Lady of Candelaria Parish, the Corner of the Four Seas, Punta del Este Lighthouse, the Walk of the Americas where you can take photos of “The Fingers”, an iconic sculpture in our peninsula. Then the tour continues to the residential neighborhoods with their beautiful gardens and spectacular mansions: “la Barra” of Maldonado, the Wave-like Bridges, the Indigenous Park, Jagüel Park, Beverly Hills, Lugano and Cantegril neighborhoods; Maldonado, the historical capital city, Pinares and Punta Ballena with beautiful scenery and the greatest attraction: Casapueblo, artist Carlos Páez Vilaró’s museum and atelier where you can enjoy “Mass for the Sun” (optional).

Duration: 4 hours

Note: Please ask the Concierge to book your tour.

This tour introduces you to Uruguay’s capital city, appointed Capital City of Mercosur. We enter the city along its beautiful Promenade of the Nations which runs along residential neighborhoods like Carrasco, where you can find the beautiful and renovated Sofitel Hotel, Punta Gorda, Malvín, Buceo, the Armed Forces Square, Pocitos, a Shopping Mall, Independence Square, Artigas’ Mausoleum, the Old City, San Felipe and Santiago’s Cathedral, the Cabildo or colonial town hall, the Port’s Market where you will have free time to have lunch, the craftsmen’s market, Palacio Legislativo (our Houses of Parliament) (optional visit). Eduardo Fabini Square, 18 de Julio Avenue, the city’s main street, monument to “el Gaucho”. Allies’ Park, Monument to the Cart and the historical Centenario Stadium. Finally, we go for some shopping at the most important shopping mall in the city.

Starting/Finishing Times: we leave from Enjoy at 9:00 am and come back at about 08:00 pm.

Note: Please ask the Concierge to book your tour.

Lussich’s Arboretum is one of the artificial forest reserves with the greatest number of imported species to have been adapted locally in the world. There are 400 exotic species and 70 autoctonous ones, considering trees and bushes. Plants, bushes, flowers and trees blend together to create a work of art for a visit considered unique, you can walk up one of the hills of “la Ballena” ridge to reach a viewpoint that is 140 meters high and offers a wonderful view of the sea, the lagoon and the woods. What used to be the residential home of Don Antonio Lussich and his family has now been turned into a museum where mementos of those times can be found in the house itself, its arbours, fountains, wells and aviaries as well as in the family’s furniture and objects on display.

The house features an important collection of floor and wall tiles that used to belong to Architect Alejandro Artucio with contributions from Dr. Juan Reneé Delger and Mr. Daniel Vignoly; this collection is well known around the world. The almost 500 tiles on the exhibit are from France, mostly from Desvres, and date from the 19th century. They were used in buildings in the La Plata River area and their design is schematic and simple with predominance of colors such as blue, violet and white.

Location: “la Ballena” ridge, Camino Lussich 300 meters from Route 93 – Maldonado

Winter opening hours: From 08:00 am to 05:30 pm.

Admission: free

The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation is a non-profit organization created by sculptor Pablo Atchugarry in 2007. Its aim is to promote plastic arts, literature, music, dance and other artistic expressions. This social and cultural project constructs itself constantly and dynamically and grows stronger with the work and experience of its founder.

The building complex consists of the sculptor’s atelier, a building with three exhibition rooms, an auditorium (for concerts, projections and lectures), an open-air stage for shows, a restaurant, a room for teaching where sculpting, painting, drawing and ceramics lessons are taught, and a last space for the exhibition of the permanent collection and the founder’s work.

The complex is in the heart of the Sculpture International Park stretching 25 hectares and designed to dialogue with the surroundings. It offers the viewer a natural stage where the monumental quality of the works of Uruguayan and foreign artists can be appreciated and where special attention has been placed on the diversity of expressive languages.

Location: Route 104 – Km. 4.5

Opening hours: from April to November open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Admission: free

Note request a map with directions at the Concierge desk.

When visiting the museum’s 2,500 square meters you will find several main rooms. We highlight the Sea Snails Room, the Sea Mammals Room and the Pirates Room. You will  also find the Museum of Mementos, the Seaside Resorts Museum and the Insectarium, all amid exceptional natural surroundings.

Location: Pedro Aicardi St. and Romildo Risso St.-  La Barra de Maldonado.

Opening hours: in July it is open every day from 10:30 am to 05:30 pm. As of August it is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Ralli Museum Punta del Este, opened in 1988, is located in Beverly Hills residential neighborhood, surrounded by beautiful tree studded gardens where architecture and nature blend in a unique setting.

The building was designed and projected exclusively to host a museum by Uruguayan architects Marita Casciani and Manuel Quinteiro. Its 6,000-square-meter surface area alternates spacious exhibition rooms with truly beautiful inner patios featuring bronze and marble sculptures, all creating a magical setting that enchants visitors.

The Ralli Museum is a non-profit private organization whose main aim is to disseminate the work of contemporary Latin American artists outside their own countries. It was founded by Mr. Harry Recanati, a retired banker and collector, and his wife Dr. Martine Recanati.

After selling his banks in the 80’s he decided to devote himself to art and created a significant cultural legacy: he opened five museums in different countries around the world using his wealth. The Ralli Museums are strategically positioned and host one of the most important collections by Latin American artists in the world. It is not supported by donations or subsidies from third-party and it does not perform any commercial activity. This is why there are not bookshops, bars or restaurants at the museums. Also, visitors can take photos freely.

It features sculptures by great artists such as Dalí, Botero, Volti, Robinson, Juárez, Amaya and Cárdenas.

Location: Los Arrayanes with no number, Beverly Hills Neighborhood

Opening hours: July, August and September open for groups of 12 or more only, from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 am and from 02:30 to 05:30 pm. On Saturdays from 9:30 to 12:30 am.

Admission: free

Casapueblo (“villagehouse” in Spanish)was built by Uruguayan plastic artist Carlos Páez Vilaró in Punta Ballena, 13 kilometers away from Punta del Este, Uruguay. What was initially a summer house and the artist’s atelier now includes a museum, an art gallery, a coffee shop and a hotel. It was its creator’s home, the place where he worked and where he would spend his last days. The museum’s building style follows the same line as the rest of the house: modeled architecture, battling against straight lines and with a bread-oven concept. Carlos Páez Vilaró, who was not an architect, found inspiration in the ovenbird and in countryside dwellers and their use adobe to build their homes. A Mediterranean influence can also be seen in the particular style characteristic of the Uruguayan artist.

The SUN CEREMONY has been performed daily on the balconies of the Museum at sunset since 1994. It is a kind of ecumenical mass, with a very moving moment when everybody remains silent and only hears the recorded voice of the artist, who dedicates a poem to the sun to see it off every evening.

Location: Punta Ballena Panoramic Route

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 am to 04:15 pm (time of last admission).


Shopping and entertainment have their place at Punta Shopping Mall, the main shopping center in Punta del Este. Located at Stop 7 on Roosevelt  Ave., this modern mall gathers tenths of different types of shops: clothes, accessories, books, electronics, gifts, perfumes, and a movie theatre. This option is perfect for the whole family when the weather is not inviting for outdoor activities.

Open daily from 10:00 am

This is the main street in the peninsula and offers an interesting and varied center for shopping along with banks, exchange bureaus, casinos, cinemas, theatres, variety shops, art galleries, restaurants, cafés, pubs, pizza parlors, fast food restaurants, and others.

 Business hours: Fall, winter and spring: 11:00 am to 07:00 pm

Those who love shopping will find themselves in paradise with countless luxury shops and boutiques of the best local and international brands. The “Fashion Road” runs along seven blocks in the style of the most sophisticated avenues in Paris, Milan or New York.

Business hours: Fall, winter and spring: 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Interior decoration and design have their district in Punta del Este, on Italia Ave. between Pedragosa Sierra St. and Chiverta Ave.

Important art and design shops have been set up here and make up the District together with luxury boutique hotels and excellent restaurants. The Design District gathers more than fifty shops among which Versace Home, Bertoni, Piero and Europa Lighting stand out.

Opening hours: Fall, winter and spring: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

El shopping más chic de Sudamérica.
Marcas internacionales, gastronomía y entretenimiento para toda la familia.
La propuesta comercial de OH! La Barra incluye marcas premium como Vilebrequin, Orlebar Brown, Carolina Herrera, Heidi Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Custo Barcelona, Bang & Olufsen.
Además diferentes propuestas de entretenimiento para los más chicos.

Abierto todo el año
Viernes, sábados y domingos de 12 a 20 hs.
Todos los días en vacaciones.

Ruta 10. Km 161. La Barra. Punta del Este. Uruguay

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